3 Podcasts I Have on Repeat

As I began this journey of musings, I’ve also thought about podcasting. It has always been an interesting creative outlet to me and I’ve found myself more interested in them as I’ve added more “release” time in my life. As I’ve talked about before, my release time is evening walks. I like to walk aroundContinue reading “3 Podcasts I Have on Repeat”

Midweek Musing- Turn it up!

Pop. Rock. Hip Hop. Country. Jazz. Alternative. Classical. These are only a few of the many ever-changing genres of music. For every song that makes your skin crawl, there is a song that helps you workout. For every song that reminds you of home, there is a song that energizes you for new beginnings. That’sContinue reading “Midweek Musing- Turn it up!”