Welcome Back

We typically hear these words as we step into a familiar place. A place that is safe. A place that feels like home. Typically, we know others there. We look forward to seeing them. We look forward to talking to them. We look forward to being back. As a teacher, this saying has a littleContinue reading “Welcome Back”

Midweek Musing- Turn it up!

Pop. Rock. Hip Hop. Country. Jazz. Alternative. Classical. These are only a few of the many ever-changing genres of music. For every song that makes your skin crawl, there is a song that helps you workout. For every song that reminds you of home, there is a song that energizes you for new beginnings. That’sContinue reading “Midweek Musing- Turn it up!”

I Want to be a Rockstar!

All little kids do it. They dream about being doctors. They dream about being basketball players. They dream about being ballerinas. The point is there is no doubt in their mind that they can achieve that dream. And to be honest. That’s a beautiful mindset. We’ve all had ideas and dreams about what we wantContinue reading “I Want to be a Rockstar!”

Midweek Musing- Get Moving!

At some point in our lives we all go through a stretch where we are not as physically active as we once were. Maybe we got a new job. Maybe we are new parents. Maybe we’ve just lost the drive to move. Maybe we just lost track of time. No matter the reason, it isContinue reading “Midweek Musing- Get Moving!”