3 Podcasts I Have on Repeat

As I began this journey of musings, I’ve also thought about podcasting. It has always been an interesting creative outlet to me and I’ve found myself more interested in them as I’ve added more “release” time in my life. As I’ve talked about before, my release time is evening walks. I like to walk around the neighborhood and do laps. As I make the turn on each lap I also enjoy listening to podcasts. These podcasts have helped me think and reset. I’m also interested in them more as I begin adding a podcast to this website! The first episode of DadMod Musings Podcast will be dropping in two weeks, so stay tuned. Now to my list of podcasts that I have on Repeat.

The Memory Palace- This is a podcast I haven’t listened to as much, but it is truly splendid. This podcast was a recommendation from my brother in law, Mike. What a great find! The concept is the host, Nate DiMeo, narrating a historical event in a captivating way. You go into each episode with only the title, though you can look at the show notes. I highly recommend just pushing play like they recommend. That way you are going into the episode rather blind, minus the title. This makes for a truly wonderful experience.

I appreciate the calm soothing tone of his voice along with the soft music in the background. It really feels just like a friend or family member telling you a story. The other neat thing is the amount of different events he covers. I know that you will find one that you truly enjoy if you give it a few listens!

Song Exploder I have referenced this podcast in the past for helping me find a song I fell in love with. This is another podcast that was a recommendation from my brother in law. This podcast focuses on breaking down a song from a given musician. That includes getting to hear specific pieces of the song by itself. That means the vocal line, rhythmic pattern, guitar riff, all isolated.

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

I also love hearing the musician/band talk about the song. There are times that the story behind it is simplistic, or much more raw. The episode with Fleetwood Man covered the fact the Lindsey Buckingham had just broken up with Stevie Nicks and wrote the song about their relationship. He sang the lead vocal and it is raw sounding. He spoke on how he was feeling and how he was able to naturally express his frustration through the song. I appreciated the fact that they were able to continue to work together and make great music. If you are a music nerd like me, take a listen to Song Exploder!

Yang Speaks– I’ve never been one to wade into political waters. Most of the time there’s too much tension for me. It becomes divisive and drives friends to dislike each other, over an opinion. As I started to look into different candidates for all parties I ran across Andrew Yang. This is before he was pushing to be a legit choice on the Democratic stage. I started following him on Twitter and appreciated his personality. He felt like a friend that I could have a coffee with.

About three months ago I started listening to some of his episodes of Yang Speaks. I enjoy the style and I appreciate the myriad of guests that he invites on the pod. I haven’t listened to them all, but have felt like I have gathered knowledge through these podcasts on a variety of topics that will hopefully make the United States, and more-so the world a better place. My favorite episode thus far, was his interview with J.J. Redick. They talked about J.J.’s NBA journey and things he’s learned along the way, as well as being a dad. I love basketball and loved listening to Redick speak with Yang. If you are open to different ideas and thoughts I recommend checking out, Yang Speaks.


One thought on “3 Podcasts I Have on Repeat

  1. I have caught a few Yang Speaks, I appreciate his perspective. Big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience. I never miss a Ben Shapiro Show Podcast. Its a video format on youtube. There are a few basketball ones that are good. I need to check out the Memory Palace. Good Recommendations!


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