Shine Your Light

We’ve all done it. Imagine…a very dark night…clear skies…away from the city lights…there they are. The stars. They shine and sparkle against the black canvas as we ponder. At least that’s what I find myself doing in these moments. I ponder about life. I think about things that I have done and things yet to do. There have been times I’ve prayed. Prayed for better times. Prayed for help in leading my purposeful life. Prayed for direction. And to shine.

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As we move through life there will be bumps and bruises. For all of us. In those moments I believe we learn the most about ourselves. What can we go through? How grounded are we? Do we have the support system set up to help us when we fall? When you ask these questions, be real with yourself. If you feel as though you aren’t where you want to be in any of these facets take time to rethink.

My biggest hurdle is self doubt and being discouraged. See, I really like to please people. I want people to like me. In all transparency, I want people to admire me. I know that I can’t please everyone, but I am easily discouraged when those people aren’t vocal in their support. Saying that out loud is jarring. It feels selfish. I’m not sure how else to say it except that I want my people to support me in each endeavor. I think I have the best crew, but there are still times that I feel insignificant. For me, that is very draining.

We all need to look within and push forward. We are put on this earth for a purpose. To fulfill a path already set out for us. There will be times where it is hard. Like making time to pursue a new endeavor and not sharing it out of fear that no one will like it. I think that’s the hardest thing about loving and having a passion for creative works. It’s scary to put your art, your work, your life, in front of others and have few people care. It can feel like defeat. I would know all too well. The thing is, if it is worth it will happen and it does matter. YOU WILL SHINE.

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My challenge for you is two fold.

  1. Start A Creative Endeavor-That doesn’t mean you have to share it with anyone, but start it. I don’t care if you want to start a poem, or paint a canvas. Just pick something! Creativity can be therapeutic. It can help you destress at the end of a long week. It will help you get out some of your feelings, in a creative way.
  2. Support Local Businesses/Artists- There are all kinds of people doing creative things around you. I know that I have a friend that does Thursday night paintings that you can join and paint along with. I have friends that started their own coffee business. I have friends that play music frequently online. Take the time to support those people. I would start with those you know. You have no idea how much that can mean to any one person. I know that I love all of the people that read this blog.





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