3 Essential Toys Every One Year Old Needs!

Have you ever wondered what toys were must haves when having a child? I know that my obsession with getting the best toys for Knox started before we picked his name. That doesn’t mean that I wanted to spend a ton. Quite the opposite, though I wanted to research to find the best ones to buy. Some of those recommendations have been GREAT. Others….well let’s just say that Knox didn’t mention them when talking with me about this amazing list of his 3 ESSENTIAL toys for…HIM!

Just Chilling

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker– When your baby is coming up on one year old, they typically decide that they want to learn how to stand and walk like you. They notice that you can travel farther in less time! They also realize how crawling hurts the old knees. Knox started this business around 11 months, but with this beauty of a toy.

It’s nothing ground breaking, but he loves it. At first he was hesitant, like most babies. We were hesitant too. It’s semi terrifying to see your sweet boy attempting to stand and balance. Let’s just say that they look like the leaning tower of Pisa. That can make your heart stop. You don’t want them to get hurt. So you watch them…like a hawk. That doesn’t mean that they don’t fall. In all reality, I think the small spills help them realize that they need to work on the skill so that they don’t fall.

Now Knox loves to work on his 100 meter dash with this toy. He chases us all around the house and especially likes walking with our two Great Pyrenees, Ivey and Ava. Ava doesn’t enjoy this past time. He still uses this little toy to “walk” though we know that any day now he will toss it aside for the real thing, but for now it ROCKS! Just ask him.

Walking Around Home Base

Little Tikes Workbench– You got to start them young, right? I think we may just have a carpenter on our hands. The cool part is…it was a hand me down gift from one of my baseball player’s family. Those have a special place in my heart, as I’ll never forget where they came from. Knox seems to agree.

Whether it’s practicing his hammering skills or working on his hand eye coordination with the flat head screwdriver, he loves it. I love it too, as it really does teach him two important skills in a safe and fun way. I get to demonstrate how to fit the screwdriver into the head of the plastic screw. I get to show him how to turn that screw with the screwdriver. I can’t wait to build things with him. I can’t wait to have my assistant for my next DIY project at home. I enjoy imaging those times with him. That’s the best part about this toy in my opinion…just don’t tell him.

Toddler Soccer Ball– This one is extra special to me. It’s allowed me to share my passion for sports with me son, for the first time. And you know what? He really likes it too. I remember when he first got this set of three toddler balls. He was rather uninterested and how can I blame him. They didn’t make extra sounds when you pushed them and they sure as heck didn’t help you stand. I persisted.

Chasing That Ball Around

I have vivid memories of falling in love with basketball. I found that love on a Little Tikes hoop with Micheal Jordan’s face on it. Now I wasn’t one year old, but I know that is where my love started. I want to have that connection with Knox, though I won’t force him into it. As I get deeper into this parenting thing, I can see how hard that will be. To not push him for what I want, but allow him to grow into the man he is meant to be. To let him find his passion.

For now, I’ll find my silly peace in the fact that he smiles as we play “catch” with the soccer ball. He’s even getting better at rolling/throwing it back to me. Seeing the light in his eyes as he chases the ball gives me joy. I love seeing him fall in love with fun. I love seeing him love me. Most of all I love seeing how much I love this little boy.

Knox Approved.


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